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Jürgen Baier




Currently I'm working at www.semedy.com as a senior software engineer. Semedy provides healthcare solutions empowered with semantic technologies which allow intelligent decision support and validation.

My previous company was www.ontoprise.de where I worked as a senior software engineer and team leader of the OntoBroker team. During this time I was responsible for the OntoBroker rule engine/deductive database.


3D visualization of the solar system

During our master studies, Andreas Junghans and I wrote a 3D (VRML) model of the solar system. This solar system simulation works pretty well between 1950 and 2050. An interesting confirmation is that it's possible to see the eclipse of the sun which occured on August 11, in 1999. The screenshot shows the earth and the sun at this date.

More information about the project may be found on the project website of Andreas Junghans. On his website you can also view the model if you have a VRML plugin installed. I'm planning to port this stuff to a standalone application (so that no special Browser/VRML viewer combinations are needed for viewing). Someday. :-)

"Modellierung des Sonnensystems mit VRML und Java" (in German, zipped PDF, 609 kB) solsys.pdf.gz
"Modellierung des Sonnensystems mit VRML und Java" (in German, PDF, 651 kB) solsys.pdf
Source code including VRML model and Java applet source (343 kB) solsys.tgz


Master thesis

My master thesis (2001) covers user interface descriptions with XML, the Jini technology, Lego Mindstorm robots and XSLT.

"Beschreibung von Benutzerschnittstellen mit XML" (in German, zipped PDF, 1.6 MB) master.pdf.gz
"Beschreibung von Benutzerschnittstellen mit XML" (in German, PDF, 1.8 MB) master.pdf

Other notes


The description of the courses (in English) of my computer science studies (1995 - 1999) at the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences.


The website of the computer science department of the Karlsruhe university of applied science.

The website of the Karlsruhe university of applied science medialab.

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